Deep Space Industries (DSI) is a space transportation company building small robotic spacecraft that drives the cost of access to deep space down as much as 50x. DSI’s proprietary spacecraft is the first of its kind, capable of maneuvering on its own power from low Earth orbit (LEO), to geosynchronous orbit (GEO), lunar orbits, and destinations in deep space as far away as Mars. The spacecraft’s agility (up to 5 km/s of delta-V) and ability to launch as a secondary payload allows DSI to support missions in LEO and beyond that were once either technically impossible or cost-prohibitive.

In addition to its flagship spacecraft, DSI’s offering includes Comet, a highly adaptable water-based propulsion system for small satellites, approved to fly on multiple launch vehicles as a secondary payload. Comet is shipping and has been selected by many satellite constellation providers over expensive monoprop systems, or power hungry, electric systems.

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