At SAT Plating — We Plate the Unplateable – including polymers that aren’t traditionally commercialized such as carbon fiber and high-performance PEEK and Ultem® materials. We take an engineering approach to creating precision plating solutions that are scalable and high-quality, all at scale with 90%+ good yield.

Through our robust proprietary suite of Adaptive Plating Technologies™, we enable our clients to expand their approach to product design, material selection and production methodologies. Our technologies and processes can be applied to a broad range of polymers and materials including plastics, films, fibers, membranes, fabrics, ceramics and glass.

We also successfully process and plate Hybrid and Exotic Materials, such as:
• Glass-filled PEEK, Ultem, Nylon, among many others
• Carbon Fiber filled PEEK, Ultem, Nylon, etc.
• Metallic-powder materials mixed with polymers and injection molded

SAT Plating is ISO 9001:2015 Certified; ITAR Compliant & Registered; Family-owned / Veteran-managed.

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