Many new MEO and LEO constellations will join the early entrants – Iridium and O3B – to provide a platform for global service to fixed sites and particularly to moving vehicles. To enable the latter, a number of companies are developing compact, flat-plate antennas that are electronically (vs. physically) steered and can be mounted on cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, and planes. But like all satellite transmissions, the signal will be affected by rain and temporary interruptions like overpasses, trees, inclines, and tunnels. KenCast’s Error Correction solutions will be more important than ever to ensure that content delivery (whether files or live video streams) is resistant to these outages. What’s more, flat-plates are very new and still in development. Providers could get a jump on their competitors by employing KenCast’s Fazzt FEC to compensate for sub-optimal performance and thorny engineering challenges.

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