Focus Where It Matters
Getting to the critical people can be cumbersome at large venues, or at events where the attendee base is only peripherally in the industry. Satellite Innovation focuses both our program and exhibition directly on the satellite area of the space industry.
Your clients and customers are here.
A cohesive event is hard to find...
All sessions included?
Complimentary food and beverage?
World class location?
The industry leaders?
Uniquely enjoyable networking?
Yes. It's all here.
Innovation Counts.
Satellite Innovation 2018 is tailored specifically to provide a big picture takeaway of how new technologies are influencing SatCom businesses.
Can your organization afford to not understand these changes?
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Satellite Innovation 2018 has emerged as the premier meeting place for innovative Satellite Executives and Professionals. A focus on imminent changes and market forces that will guide their implementation has attracted a confluence of established market leaders and pioneers of the shifting landscape of SatCom.

Join industry leaders as we shape the future of the satellite industry.