Continuous Satellite Data LLC has released a product based on a groundbreaking new technology for spectrum optimization called Opportunistic Modem™ (OM™). OM™ is a patented method that makes it possible to aggregate up to eight disparate “channels” of satellite spectrum in each direction into a single IP stream. The OM™ algorithm features a remarkable level of resiliency for a commercial technology. When any channel is impaired by either jamming or interference, that channel can be removed digitally from the OM™ aggregate, dropping the data rate of the aggregated IP stream by that channel’s contribution to the overall data rate of the IP aggregate, while preserving traffic occupying the other unaffected channels. Similarly, once the channel impairment is removed, that channel can be re-integrated seamlessly into the aggregate IP stream. Leveraging this feature of the technology would make it possible to reduce the “spectral exposure” of critical traffic by distributing it across multiple carriers, or multiple transponders.

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