Zodiac Data Systems, a SAFRAN company, is a high technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of products and solutions for satellite ground stations including: receivers for satellite command and control, high data rate receivers for data collection from earth observation satellites, operational end-user receivers that are both TT&C and high data rate receivers, 2.4 to 11m S, X and Ka-band antennas as well as a QoS web-based service monitoring satellites in GEO orbit. We would like to tell you more about our high data rate receivers for remote sensing (Cortex HDR), Deep Space processors (Cortex DS), TT&C modems (Cortex CRT),SSPA, Up/Down Converters, IF recorders (RSR), Wideband Recorders (WBR), TT&C/HDR combo for end users (SATCORE) and other integrated solutions. Serving U.S. military and government organizations, NASA, NOAA and U.S. Government Contractors for over 20 years.

Company Website: http://www.zodiacaerospace.com

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Name Michele Switalski
Title Space & Systems Business Development Director
Email Michele.Switalski@zdsus.com
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