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Addvalue is a world renowned “one-stop shop” communications technology products developer, which provides state-of-the-art satellite-based communication and other innovative digital broadband products and solutions for a variety of connectivity between humans, between machines, and between humans and machines.

Building upon many years of experience developing sophisticated mobile satellite communication terminals, and with a view to expand its business beyond traditional Earth-bound markets, Addvalue has developed an innovative solution known as the Inter-Satellite Data Relay System (IDRS™). With its proprietary IDRS™ terminal, coupled with the established Inmarsat’s global communication services, IDRS™ provides a secure, on-demand communications system specifically tailored to support the operational needs of LEO satellite operators. IDRS™ brings to market a space-tested communications service that economically provides LEO satellite operators with on-demand, continuous and secure communications access to their LEO satellites.

Please contact us to find out more.

Company Website: https://www.addvaluetech.com

Event Contacts

Name Eyal Trachtman Richard Cooperman
Title VP, IDRS Business Development VP, IDRS Business Development
Email idrs@addvalue.com.sg idrs@addvalue.com.sg
Tel +44 7841 982 573 +1 301 384 2753


Advantech Satellite Networks provides advanced VSAT platforms that support Ultra High Throughput Satellite communications, applicable to LEO, MEO and GEO constellations in a rapidly expanding smart satellite environment, based on the technologies, patents and traditions of previously acquired companies, such as RCA, SPAR Aerospace, EMS Technologies, SpaceBridge. Our proven, cost-effective, and highly reliable system solutions are meeting the ever-increasing need for high availability, high-bandwidth infrastructures essential to military and government communication, as well as cellular network providers, B2B, broadcasters, robust and secure enterprise corporate networks, and B2C. We integrate award-winning research and development engineering into our designs. The result: precise customer tailored solutions with lowest overall total cost of ownership: capital and operating costs.

Company Website: https://www.aSatNet.com

Event Contacts

Name Boris Gelerman
Title Director of Global Marketing & Public Relations
Email Boris.Gelerman@aSatNet.com
Tel (514) 420-0045


As an independent, nonprofit, The Aerospace Corporation is the only federally funded research and development center dedicated to the United States Space Enterprise. The Aerospace Corporation performs objective technical analyses and assessments for a variety of government, civil, and commercial customers—providing leadership and support in all fields and disciplines of space related research, design, development, acquisition, operations, and program management. The Aerospace Corporation stands on 58 years of dedication to mission assurance, Launch Verification, System of Systems Engineering, Systems Development Engineering and Technology Application. The Aerospace Corporation is committed to addressing the Nation’s future needs by fostering the creation of an agile Space Enterprise.

Company Website: http://www.aerospace.org

Event Contacts

Name Rafael Spears
Title Director, Commercial Systems
Email Rafael.spears1@aero.org
Tel 310-336-3140


Agile Communication Systems provides state-or-the-art Satellite communication systems and wireless Technologies. ACS provides complete Network design, deployment and training for customers. We have systems that take full advantage of the new “HTS” (High Throughput Satellites) offering our customers even more bandwidth today than ever before. With LEO and MEO spacecraft right around the corner, ACS is working to provide a complete tracking solution offering even more bandwidth with less latency.

Our latest version of Man-Pack terminal is the FL-IST on display at the show. This terminal is one of the lightest full featured terminals available today. It offers Full auto-acquisition in shorter time than previous terminals, auto-alignment if the terminal gets bumped or moved plus a host of other features. Stop by Booth 9 to see the latest in Man-pack terminals from ACS.

Agile Communication Systems, Morgan Hill, CA. Contact Dan Makinster at 408-659-8449 for further information.

Company Website: http://www.agilecooms.com

Event Contacts

Name Dan Makinster Victoria Battison
Title President VP Marketing
Email dmakinster@agilecoms.com vbattison@agilecoms.com
Tel 408-659-8449 408-659-8457
Cell +


Airbus, through its Space Equipment business segment is Europe’s largest and most innovative equipment supplier, offering an extensive portfolio of solutions for all types of space missions.
With an unparalleled track record for in-orbit reliability, Airbus Space Equipment possesses all the necessary expertise required to help you to design & engineer your innovative and cost disruptive new space applications related to launchers, telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, science and manned space flight.

Company Website: https://spaceequipment.airbusdefenceandspace.com/

Event Contacts

Name Stu Schimkat Philippe Dumont
Title Director of Business Development OneWeb Project Manager
Email space.equipment@airbus.com space.equipment@airbus.com


Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) provides commercial software for designing, developing and operating missions within the aerospace and national security communities. Our technology and support provide complete insight into the four-dimensional world by using extremely accurate analytical models backed by compelling visual simulations, so that users can make the best decisions about assets that move in space and time. AGI products are available as ready-to-use applications or development tools and have been adapted to implement unique and open enterprise solutions to some of the hardest problems faced by our customers. For more information, visit agi.com

Company Website: http://www.agi.com

Event Contacts

Name Roger Martinez
Title Systems Engineer
Email rmartinez@agi.com
Tel 610 981 8000
Cell (408) 429-0895


For 30 years, Artel, LLC (Artel) has been providing secure network communication services to Federal Government agencies. Based in the U.S. and backed by leading global private investment firms TPG and Torch Hill, Artel is a carrier-agnostic network integrator – developing customized solutions for our customers rather than trying to force fit off-the-shelf offerings. An International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certified network systems integrator, Artel provides cost-effective, on-time delivery of global terrestrial and satellite network communication services, cyber security, risk management, and Information Technology (IT) solutions. As the largest commercial provider of satellite bandwidth to the DoD, Artel has the expertise and buying power to design and deliver complex telecommunications solutions worldwide

Company Website: http://www.artelllc.com

Event Contacts

Name Todd Cress Ed Spitler
Title SATCOM Capture & Client Relations Head of SATCOM
Email tcress@artelllc.com espitler@artelllc.com
Tel 703-620-1700 703-620-1700


ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. provides a revolutionary approach to satellite communications and in 2017 was listed by Morgan Stanley as a top 12 disruptor in the satellite industry – by providing satcom as a service.

ATLAS utilizes a software-centric, cloud-based approach – the Freedom™ Software Platform, allowing us to cut costly overhead, streamline operations and allow customers to gather more data, faster from space for use in the real world.

We have developed the world’s first multi-band, multi-satellite electronically steered array – LINKS™. The paradigm-shifting alternative to traditional parabolic dishes, LINKS™, is the first commercially available, mobile, rapidly deployable electronically steered array RF ground system to hit the market.

ATLAS uses this proprietary technology to continually grow our global ground network of antenna, without increasing costs to the customer. Built around the Freedom™ Software Platform, our network provides a simple, affordable, scalable option for satellite operators and launch companies alike.

Company Website: https://www.atlasground.com

Event Contacts

Name Dan Carey Mark Malosh
Title Marketing Director Chief Operating Officer
Email dcarey@atlasground.com mmalosh@atlasground.com
Tel (231) 598-6184 (231) 598-6184


Aventior is in forefront of data science and digital transformation. We use deep neural networks, AI and computer vision to process satellite images (and real-time videos) for detecting and classifying objects of interest. Applications range from anti-piracy, protection of EEZ, land-use, urban planning, waste management, oil exploration and agriculture.

Company Website: http://www.aventior.com

Event Contacts

Name Abhijit Ray Ashish Deshmukh
Title Solution Architect CEO
Email abhijit.ray@aventior.com ashish.deshmukh@aventior.com
Tel 6178344984
Cell 5107098292


AvL Technologies, Inc. is a privately held US company specializing in the design, development, and production of mobile satellite antennas and positioner systems. With corporate headquarters based in Asheville, North Carolina, and a regional office in the UK, AvL is able to offer superior service and support to customers around the world. AvL provides customers with positioner and complete antenna system products, product development and services that maximize the technical and commercial benefits for their customers with cost, performance, quality and reliability requirements.

AvL provides solutions and support for satellite ground terminals for SNG, mobile broadband Internet access, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas Data Backhaul, and Defense & Homeland Security customers throughout the world. AvL offers the world’s largest range of satellite antennas for vehicle-mount, flyaway and fixed Earth station applications with sizes ranging from 60cm to 5.0M. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and development, AvL antennas are sturdy, efficient and reliable.

Company Website: http://www.avltech.com

Event Contacts

Name Bryan Kerns Tony Wilkey
Title Director of Business Development Senior Vice President
Email bkerns@avltech.com twilkey@avltech.com
Tel 828 210 8521 828 210 3506
Cell 828 772 5588 828 279 0240


Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most. We create innovative space solutions, enable more accurate weather forecasts, drive insightful observations of our planet, deliver actionable data and intelligence, and ensure those who defend our freedom go forward bravely and return home safely.

Company Website: http://www.ball.com/aerospace

Event Contacts

Name Jackie Berger
Title Director, Marketing and Communications
Email jberger@ball.com
Tel 703-284-5412
Cell 202-215-6456


C-COM is the global leading designer and manufacturer of the iNetVu® mobile antenna system, a one-button, fully motorized, auto-acquire VSAT. Selling worldwide through a network of over 500 resellers, in more than 100 countries, C-COM develops commercial grade products for verticals such as government, military, oil & gas, broadcasting, emergency response, disaster recovery, telemedicine, or any user who requires broadband access via satellite. The company offers vehicle mount (Driveaway), transportable (Flyaway), Fixed Motorized (FMA) and Backpack (Manpack) solutions for Comm-on-the-Pause, and is working on solutions in the Comm-on-the-Move vertical market. Longer term, C-COM is developing electronically steerable phased array systems that, if successful, could forever impact the satellite antenna business.

Company Website: http://www.c-comsat.com

Event Contacts

Name Drew Klein Leslie Klein
Title Director – International Business Development CEO & President of C-COM Satellite Systems
Email dklein@c-comsat.com lklein@c-comsat.com
Tel 6137454110 6137454110
Cell 6138788164


At Carnegie Technologies, we bring together the best and brightest to challenge the status quo and develop real, revenue-generating communications products that take advantage of the fundamental shifts in the communications technology ecosystem. Our experienced team of over 150 engineers and developers across 4 continents has developed a portfolio of hardware and software products designed to overcome the last remaining barriers in connectivity. Founded in 2010 following a successful 20-year history operating wireless networks and developing adjunct communications products, Carnegie Technologies is a hub of businesses with core focuses in: Remote Connectivity Hardware and Software, Lora-Based IoT, Mobile Network Convergence, Edge Network Devices/APIs/Software, App-Based User Engagement and Device and Access Point Analytics.

Company Website: http://www.carnegietechnologies.com

Event Contacts

Name Andy Peterson Scott Christner
Title Director of Marketing Head of Satellite
Email apeterson@carnegietechnologies.com schristner@carnegietechnologies.com
Tel 1-773-396-1004 1-805-637-6350


CPI is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of ground equipment for satellite uplink communications. With more than 50,000 high power amplifiers shipped, CPI is one of the only companies to manufacture all of traveling wave tube amplifiers, klystron power amplifiers, and both GaN- and GaAs-powered SSPAs and BUCs.

CPI is leading the way in providing earth-based solutions for HTS applications, for high frequency applications up to Q-band, and for transportation-related services such as in-flight communications and maritime services. The company is also highly experienced in providing products for more broadcast and communications networks as well.

With 24-hour telephone support and more than 20 service centers around the globe, CPI customers can rest assured that their questions and concerns will always be attended to.

CPI Satcom & Medical Products Satcom Group is co-exhibiting with CPI ASC Signal as part of CPI, LLC

Company Website: http://www.cpii.com/satcom

Event Contacts

Name CPI Satcom Products
Email satcommarketing@cpii.com
Tel +1 (669) 275-2744


Comsat brings over 40 years of experience in the Satellite Teleport industry. The Southbury and Santa Paula teleports are secure facilities connected to multiple terrestrial fiber networks and act as backup for each other through terrestrial and satellite pathways. Both facilities are backed up with automated and redundant electrical power sources, HVAC systems, fire detection/suppression systems, security systems and a 24/7/365 NOC.

COMSAT, with the SD Data Center, provide secure, integrated connectivity. COMSAT’s teleports have evolved to keep pace with changing communication needs.

SD Data Center brings cybersecurity capabilities to transmissions in the air, ground and water. It provides solutions, and business continuity planning for industries including healthcare, education, financial, military, government and law enforcement.

COMSAT also offers a wide variety of satellite phones, mobile and fixed satellite Internet units. COMSAT Land and Mobile ensures SATCOM connectivity is available for remote locations or limited cellular and data network coverage areas.

Company Website: http://www.comsat.com

Event Contacts

Name Alessandra Richards
Title Marketing Manager
Email arichards@comsat.com
Tel 5715993649
Cell 7034708617


Comtech Command & Control Technologies (aka TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. – TCS) specializes in affordable, high-precision tracking antennas optimized for LEO and MEO satellite missions like Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and Communications. C&CT is an industry-leading full service provider of integrated ground station equipment and services for satellite and launch vehicle telemetry, tracking and commanding, and we provide high reliability EEE parts management for spacecraft manufacturers. We offer the industry’s largest family of durable and low-maintenance X/Y pedestal antennas that eliminate the keyhole at zenith, cable wrap, and backlash. We also make our own low-loss radomes, as well as carbon fiber shaped reflectors, which enable lightweight, high performance, multi-band antennas. C&CT provides complete engineering services for all ground station related operations, specializing in launch support, range safety, satellite TT&C, and communication systems. We are focused on customer service, technical excellence, and speed of delivery. With more than 40 years in the industry, C&CT is devoted to providing customers with the most cost effective approach to ensure mission success even under the most difficult technical and environmental conditions.

Company Website: http://www.trackmysat.com

Event Contacts

Name Jay Moody
Title Strategic Accounts Manager
Email Jay.Moody@comtechtel.com
Tel 310-803-3641
Cell 310-803-3641


Comtech Telecommunications Corp. designs, develops, produces and markets innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. The Company sells products to a diverse customer base in the global commercial and government communications markets. Two divisions of Comtech will be at this location: Comtech EF Data (www.comtechefdata.com), the global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization; Comtech Xicom Technology (www.xicomtech.com), the premier supplier of high power amplifiers for satellite communications.

Company Website: http://www.comtechefdata.com

Event Contacts

Name Comtech Sales
Email sales@comtechefdata.com
Tel +14803332200


CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) which was established in 2015 on Jan.5th, and doing the business for design, development and integration of ground system in the space and defense application.

​The CEO, Mr. Sunghee Lee of CONTEC have experienced the design, development, data analysis and operation for launch vehicle and satellite mission as well as CNES(French Space Agency) launch mission for 16 years in KARI.

​Based on these heritages, CONTEC is currently playing on the space market to provide the customized satellite ground station service through our own ground station with our accumulated technologies and unique ability.

​The goal of enterprise creates the meaningful value in the world, CONTEC will try to make the new value in East-Asia for our valuable customers in this field.

Company Website: http://www.contec.kr

Event Contacts

Title Strategy & Planning Team Researcher CEO
Email jhyoon@contec.kr shlee@contec.kr
Tel +82-10-5556-94638 +82-10-3108-4523


Continuous Satellite Data LLC has released a product based on a groundbreaking new technology for spectrum optimization called Opportunistic Modem™ (OM™). OM™ is a patented method that makes it possible to aggregate up to eight disparate “channels” of satellite spectrum in each direction into a single IP stream. The OM™ algorithm features a remarkable level of resiliency for a commercial technology. When any channel is impaired by either jamming or interference, that channel can be removed digitally from the OM™ aggregate, dropping the data rate of the aggregated IP stream by that channel’s contribution to the overall data rate of the IP aggregate, while preserving traffic occupying the other unaffected channels. Similarly, once the channel impairment is removed, that channel can be re-integrated seamlessly into the aggregate IP stream. Leveraging this feature of the technology would make it possible to reduce the “spectral exposure” of critical traffic by distributing it across multiple carriers, or multiple transponders.

Company Website: http://www.consatdata.space

Event Contacts

Name David R. Beering Christopher Erickson
Title Principal Director of Marketing
Email david.beering@consatdata.space christopher.erickson@consatdata.space
Tel 630-235-7965 312-505-7373
Cell 630-235-7965 312-505-7373


CPI Antenna Systems Division (CPI ASD) is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance, highly engineered antenna systems for satcom, telemetry, radar, electronic warfare and HF applications. Customers include international broadcasters, Fortune 500 companies, satellite operators, telecommunications carriers, and military and government organizations.

Operating across UHF through V-band frequencies, CPI ASD’s products are produced using CAD, CAE, large-scale graphics and computer-controlled machining that deliver extreme precision, supported by in-house microwave and electronics assembly and test laboratories. CPI ASD provides worldwide installation, logistics and repair support with assistance from local offices.

CPI Antenna Systems Division represents a merger of two organizations: CPI ASC Signal Division, with a 50-year heritage of engineering creativity and excellence, and CPI Malibu Division, a leader in antenna design, development and production since 1975. Following the acquisition of Viasat’s limited-motion satellite antenna family, which extended the larger-diameter antenna product line, CPI ASD offers satcom antennas from 2.4m to 18m.

Company Website: http://www.cpii.com/asd

Event Contacts

Name Fred Vinezeano Andre Jones
Title VP, Products VP, Business Development
Email fred.vinezeano@cpii.com andre.jones@cpii.com
Tel 214-291-7646 972-675-7098


CRP USA produces components for Motorsports, Aerospace and the Entertainment industry utilizing Additive Manufacturing and Windform materials. CRP USA has space flight heritage as both main spacecraft structure and as spacecraft components.

Company Website: http://www.crp-usa.net/

Event Contacts

Name Stewart Davis
Title Director of Operations
Email sdavis@crp-usa.net
Tel 704-660-0258
Cell 562-458-4036


DataPath brings over 25 years of specialty communications and cyber security solutions expertise to military, government and commercial customers in remote, austere, and at-risk environments.

DataPath brings together fully custom end-to-end solutions, robust military and industrial grade engineering and wraps it up with industry leading customer service. This is ‘The DataPath Difference’, making our customer’s mission our mission and making it right no matter what.

Visit us at www.datapath.com and find out why customers in over 40 countries and on all 7 continents have made DataPath their choice in total end-to-end communications, cyber security and network monitoring and control.

Company Website: http://www.datapath.com

Event Contacts

Name John Chesser
Title Director, Cyber Security Solutions and Information Technology Services
Email John.Chesser@datapath.com
Tel 678-597-0300
Cell +


Deep Space Industries (DSI) is a space transportation company building small robotic spacecraft that drives the cost of access to deep space down as much as 50x. DSI’s proprietary spacecraft is the first of its kind, capable of maneuvering on its own power from low Earth orbit (LEO), to geosynchronous orbit (GEO), lunar orbits, and destinations in deep space as far away as Mars. The spacecraft’s agility (up to 5 km/s of delta-V) and ability to launch as a secondary payload allows DSI to support missions in LEO and beyond that were once either technically impossible or cost-prohibitive.

In addition to its flagship spacecraft, DSI’s offering includes Comet, a highly adaptable water-based propulsion system for small satellites, approved to fly on multiple launch vehicles as a secondary payload. Comet is shipping and has been selected by many satellite constellation providers over expensive monoprop systems, or power hungry, electric systems.

Company Website: http://www.deepspaceindustries.com

Event Contacts

Name Peter Stibrany
Title Chief Strategist
Email peter.stibrany@deepspaceindustries.com
Tel 650-404-7808


Ensign Bickford Industries is global leader in precision energetic systems and other innovative explosive, non-explosive and electromechanical solutions for the satellite and launch vehicle markets. From initiation/separation solutions through our EBAD, NEA Electronics & TiNi products to robotics/motion control solutions from Avior Controls & Honeybee Robotics, Ensign Bickford has the right solution to fit your mission.

Company Website: http://www.ensign-bickfordind.com/

Event Contacts

Name Vincent Visco
Title Business Development Manager
Email vmvisco@eba-d.com
Tel 805-292-3977
Cell 310-940-7288


Founded in 1977, Eutelsat Communications is one of the world’s leading satellite operators. With a global fleet of satellites and associated ground infrastructure, Eutelsat enables clients across Video, Data, Government, Fixed and Mobile Broadband markets to communicate effectively to their customers, irrespective of their location. Over 6,800 television channels operated by leading media groups are broadcast by Eutelsat to one billion viewers equipped for DTH reception or connected to terrestrial networks. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat assembles 1,000 men and women from 32 countries who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.

Company Website: http://www.eutelsatamericas.com

Event Contacts

Name Mary Carmen Alvarez Erik Hansen
Title Marketing Director North America Sales Director
Email malvarez@eutelsat.com ehansen@eutelsat.com
Tel +525526295800
Cell (310) 963-2055


GEOshare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin that operates as an independent entrepreneurial venture. GEOshare develops condosats for two or more owners to provide service from a designated orbital slot. With our two ever-increasing portfolios of payload missions and orbital slots, GEOshare matches customer payload missions with orbital locations, facilitating the entire process from construction to launch. GEOshare does all the work to close your business case, protect your orbital slots, and reduce your CapEx in today’s volatile market. To learn more please visit geoshare.com.

Company Website: http://geoshare.com


GeoSync Microwave, Inc. was formed in March 2008 by a team of engineers from MITEQ. Lead by Arthur Faverio, a founder and former President of MITEQ Inc. GeoSync Microwave is focused on the development of innovative SatCom communication products that are built with a strong management emphasis on product reliability, customer service and promotion of engineering ingenuity. Catalog product lines; block and synthesized converters, Ka band, redundant switching systems, amplifier systems, uplink power control, translators and equalizer systems.

Company Website: http://www.geosyncmicrowave.com

Event Contacts

Name Stephen Philips
Title Vice President
Email sphilips@geosyncmicrowave.com
Tel 631 760 5567


Globecomm provides end‐to‐end value‐added communication solutions by leveraging its core satellite ground segment systems and network capabilities with satellite communication services capabilities. The solutions Globecomm offers include general contracted complex communications networks, GSM and CDMA cellular network and broadband wireless solutions, maritime communications solutions, militarized commercial off the shelf products and services, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) trunking and hosted switching, video broadcast, business recovery, satellite‐based terrestrial restoral, content delivery, M2M services and other networks on a global basis. Globecomm’s customers include communications service providers, commercial enterprises, Internet Service Providers, content providers and government entities.

Company Website: http://www.globecomm.com

Event Contacts

Name Joe DeMaria Paul Scardino
Title Business Development, Media Solutions SVP, Sales Engineering and Marketing
Email jdemaria@globecomm.com pscardino@globecomm.com
Tel 631-457-1294 631-457-1170
Cell 631-245-3973


Glowlink is a leader in interference detection, location, and mitigation. Our mission is to provide customers with breakthrough solutions and reliable products to combat satellite and ground-based communication interferences.

Glowlink’s CSIR™ technology (Communications Signal Interference Remover) is the underlying technology for removing interference with no prior knowledge. Embedded in the fielded and proven GS380 product suite, CSIR™ is able to drastically improve operators’ communication links by enabling them discover and excise unintentional or hostile interference. CSIR™ is applicable to a wide range of communications systems whether space- or ground-based, fixed or mobile.

Glowlink is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Company Website: http://www.glowlink.com

Event Contacts

Name Michael Downey
Title CTO
Email sales@glowlink.com
Tel 650-237-0220


GMV is a trusted partner of leading Satellite Operators, Satellite Manufacturers and Space Agencies worldwide. Since 1984, we provide engineering, software development and systems integration capabilities in the areas of mission analysis, GNC, onboard software, test benches, satellite control, ground stations, mission planning, payload management, flight dynamics, SST, data processing, navigation, robotics, and applications. Involved in more than 400 satellite missions and having a large GMV’s portfolio of flight proven products for satellite operations.

Company Website: http://www.gmv.com

Event Contacts

Name Miguel Molina
Title Business Development Manager
Email mamc@gmv.com
Tel +34918072139
Cell +34639638481


Goonhilly is a global communications services hub and satellite station located in Cornwall, UK. It provides a comprehensive range of leading-edge connectivity and operational solutions to the space industry, broadcasters, as well as enterprises seeking to grow their businesses on earth and/or in space. Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd has the ideal location, assets and resource capabilities to support: Near Space (including LEO, MEO & GEO) commercial satellite communications, Deep Space communications, data centre services and Systems Engineering/Space consulting. Services include a dedicated on-site engineering team and some of the best fibre connectivity in the whole of the UK. The team welcome partnerships and collaborations and is motivated to find the best solutions for all of clients. Goonhilly is trusted by over 50 blue-chip customers including the biggest players in the satcoms industry. Customers include SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Inmarsat and Hughes/Echostar, as well as space agencies, governments, broadcasters and others.

Company Website: http://www.goonhilly.org

Event Contacts

Email info@goonhilly.org
Tel +44 (0)800 0437768


Hogan Lovells is a cutting-edge, end-to-end strategic legal practice for satellite system operators, investors, manufacturers, or other transaction parties. We work with those involved in “traditional” space, NewSpace, and government procurements, around the world.

We help companies take their satellite systems from drawing board to implementation, and safely navigate the multi-layered risks and issues they will face. We understand the technology, business, and regulatory issues ahead of you, and know the strategies necessary to achieve real world success. Acting as an integrated part of your team, we work to understand the challenges you face to structure the best transaction for you.

We have a robust inventory of winning resolutions, unparalleled complex deal experience, a cohesive global team approach, and deep industry expertise. We are pioneers alongside our entrepreneurial clients for their most innovative industry developments, providing practical legal solutions wherever your work takes you.

2,500 lawyers, 45+ offices, 26 countries

Company Website: http://www.hoganlovells.com/

Event Contacts

Name Randy Segal Steve Kaufman
Title Partner Partner
Email Randy.Segal@hoganlovells.com Steven.Kaufman@hoganlovells.com
Tel 703 610 6237 202 637 5637
Cell 703 403 7477 301 801 4121

Name Tony Lin
Title Counsel
Email Tony.lin@hoganlovells.com
Tel 202 637 5795
Cell 202 547 9178


Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for home and office. Its flagship high-speed satellite Internet service is HughesNet®, the world’s largest satellite network with over 1.2 million customers across the Americas. For enterprises and governments, the company’s HughesON® managed network services provide connectivity solutions employing an optimized mix of satellite and terrestrial technologies. The JUPITER™ System is the world’s most widely deployed High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) platform, operating on more than 20 satellites, delivering a wide range of broadband enterprise, mobility and cellular backhaul applications. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 7 million terminals to customers in over 100 countries, representing approximately 50 percent market share, and its technology is powering broadband services to aircraft around the world.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation.

Company Website: http://www.hughes.com

Event Contacts

Name Dan Brown
Title Marketing Manager
Email dan.brown@hughes.com
Tel (301) 601-7216


Company Description: iDirect Government delivers secure satellite-based voice, video and data applications with anytime and anywhere connectivity in the air, at sea and on land. iDirectGov’s advanced satellite IP solutions are used for critical ISR, airborne, maritime and COTM communications to support logistics, situational awareness, disaster recovery and emergency response. Building on more than 20 years of global satellite communications experience, iDirectGov provides the most bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly-secure platform to meet specialized applications of multiple federal, state and local government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Company Website: http://www.idirectgov.com

Event Contacts

Name Keri Spencer
Title Director of Marketing
Email kspencer@idirectgov.com
Tel 7036488118


Integrasys is a privately owned company specialized on engineering and manufacturing Satellite Spectrum Monitoring systems in the telecommunication and broadcasting markets.

Integrasys was founded in 1990 by a group of Hewlett-Packard engineers experts on Automated RF & Microwaves Test Systems and Software. Since then Integrasys has evolved towards today’s company, offering a wide range of signal monitoring products for different telecom services.

At Integrasys our mission is to provide the industry the best quality and fastest technology available in carrier monitoring systems, with the customer service and care that our customers deserve.

We want to add value to our customers in quality of service, technology, speed and cost efficiency, by innovating; therefore satellite industry recognizes Integrasys as the Leader for innovation in satellite signal carrier monitoring systems.

27+ years of experience

Combines Satellite RF and IT engineering expertise

Best Partners

Global Presence

Excellent post-sale support and warranty programs

Smarter tools for smarter satellite operators and service providers

Ensure purchasing the right provider that You can count on!

Company Website: https://www.integrasys-space.com

Event Contacts

Email info.sales@integrasys-sa.com
Tel 703 234 1827


The International Space University, founded in 1987 in Massachusetts, US and now headquartered in Strasbourg, France, is the world’s premier international space education institution. It is supported by major space agencies and aerospace organizations from around the world.

The graduate level programs offered by ISU are dedicated to promoting international, interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation in space activities. ISU offers the Master of Science in Space Studies program at its Central Campus in Strasbourg. Since the summer of 1988, ISU also conducts the highly acclaimed two-month Space Studies Program at different host institutions in locations spanning the globe and Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program. ISU programs are delivered by over 100 ISU faculty members in concert with invited industry and agency experts from institutions around the world. Since its founding, 30 years ago, more than 4500 students from over 100 countries graduated from ISU.

Company Website: http://www.isunet.edu


Many new MEO and LEO constellations will join the early entrants – Iridium and O3B – to provide a platform for global service to fixed sites and particularly to moving vehicles. To enable the latter, a number of companies are developing compact, flat-plate antennas that are electronically (vs. physically) steered and can be mounted on cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, and planes. But like all satellite transmissions, the signal will be affected by rain and temporary interruptions like overpasses, trees, inclines, and tunnels. KenCast’s Error Correction solutions will be more important than ever to ensure that content delivery (whether files or live video streams) is resistant to these outages. What’s more, flat-plates are very new and still in development. Providers could get a jump on their competitors by employing KenCast’s Fazzt FEC to compensate for sub-optimal performance and thorny engineering challenges.

Company Website: http://www.kencast.com

Event Contacts

Name William Steele Peggy Garay-Smith
Email wsteele@kencast.com pgaraysmith@kencast.com
Tel 203-359-6984 203-359-6984
Cell 12038205315


Kratos is the leading global provider of turnkey enterprise-grade ground segment solutions that assure operations and communications performance across satellite, terrestrial and hybrid networks. Solutions include space situational awareness; protected communications; new architectures for HTS gateways and small satellite ground systems; carrier monitoring, geolocation and mitigation; and satellite management.

Products include the Monics® family of industry leading carrier monitoring; interference detection, geolocation and mitigation capabilities; EPOCH® IPS, the leading Command and Control (C2) product; COMPASS® for network monitoring and control and NeuralStar®SQM for end-to-end service management.

Operating the most extensive, fully-integrated, commercial global RF monitoring network and with experience spanning 300 missions over 30 years, Kratos assures secure management, delivery and distribution of data and information from space and terrestrial-based platforms for defense, intelligence, government and commercial satellite partners.

Company Website: http://www.kratoscomms.com

Event Contacts

Name Russ Ryan Pauline Johnson
Title Marketing Director Marketing Specialist
Email russell.ryan@kratosdefense.com pauline.johnson@kratosdefense.com
Tel 703-254-2027 703-254-2014
Cell 703-201-8179


Kongsberg Satellite Services – KSAT – is a world leading provider of ground station services for satellite in LEO, MEO and GEO. We deliver services from our global ground station network and enable access to satellites anywhere, anytime The KSAT lite netowork is a specialized network of systems tailored for the New Space industry, and is the leading smallsat ground station network.

Company Website: http://www.ksat.no

Event Contacts

Name Stig-Are Thrana
Title US Sales Director
Email sales@ksat.no


LBiSat is a leading satellite service provider and teleport operator delivering secure voice, data, video and media services around the world. We support our remote applications with flexible, scalable and affordable packages. LBiSat’s technical staff maintains a level of knowledge and understanding that is seldom duplicated. Our Network Operations Center provides outstanding 24/7/365 customer service and technical support wherever projects take you around the globe.

LBiSat provides scalable Advanced IP solutions managed securely from end to end with critical reliability and QoS/prioritization for seamless integration with existing or planned IT equipment. Our Emergency Response and Contingency Services provide the only source of communications in the hours and days following catastrophic events. LBiSat also provides Media and Event Management solutions for vital projects including OU Space Segment, Event Management, Uplink/Downlink /Turnaround, Encoding & Encryption Services. LBiSat has provided successful Life Cycle Management for customers in over 100 countries around the world.

Company Website: http://www.lbisat.com

Event Contacts

Name Michael Chronister Rodger Lyman
Title Director of Business Development President / CEO
Email mchronister@lbisat.com rodger@lbisat.com
Tel 8015019090 8015019090
Cell 8013900613 8015572999


ManSat specializes in the provision of satellite spectrum for Geostationary Satellites, Non Geostationary Constellations, CubeSats and more. We provide comprehensive support for all aspects of the satellite filing process on the Isle of Man, in London, Geneva and beyond. ManSat’s business is satellite spectrum. It’s what we do. Let us help you.

Company Website: http://www.mansat.com

Event Contacts

Name Chris Stott Katherine Gizinski
Title Chairman and CEO Chief Commercial Officer
Email chris.stott@mansat.com katherine.gizinski@mansat.com
Tel +1 321 406 1558 +1 321 406 1558
Cell +1 832 725 8100


MIL-SAT leverages a 15 year history of providing advanced high speed GEO, LEO, UAV Drone and Missile tracking antenna systems. Supporting a variety of government agencies, teleport gateways and LEO network operators around the world, MIL-SAT delivers end to end solutions.
MIL-SAT offers customized antenna solutions designed for extreme environments such as permafrost, skyscraper rooftops, maritime and remote locations. Customers benefiting from MIL-SAT unique tracking antenna solutions include NASA, NOAA, US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Israeli Defense Force. MIL-SAT is recognized as a global leader in wholesale distribution and service for customized or off the shelf Cobham SeaTel LEO tracking antenna systems.

Headquartered in Virginia with offices in Toronto and Florida, MIL-SAT is a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified small women owned business. Visit us at www.mil-sat.com for details and contact information.

Company Website: http://www.mil-sat.com/leo

Event Contacts

Name Don Richardson Lynn Oldham
Title President Director of Operations
Email don@mil-sat.com oldham@mil-sat.com
Tel (954) 862-3613 (954) 862-3613


Satellite mobility is revolutionizing the operations of maritime, aeronautical, enterprise businesses and governments worldwide. The Mobile Satellite Users Association is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting satellite mobility innovations and development of the satellite mobility market worldwide. The association fosters the exchange of news, information and ideas among mobility providers and users including those focused on communications, navigation, safety and other evolving new applications.


Privately held US Corporation, (estab. 1973) is a registered small business with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, located in Shirley, New York. MDI, specializes in the rapid design, development, and manufacture of robust, high-reliability DC to DC converters, power supplies, controllers & distribution products for the military, commercial, space and aerospace communities worldwide.

Comprehensive range of in-house engineering and production capabilities allow the company to be exceptionally responsive to its customers’ diverse requirements.

Professional staff optimized for performance to Mil & Space level Quality Assurance and Program Management requirements.

MDI, is uniquely capable of coordinating advanced power conversion technologies with professional management to meet or exceed customer challenges.

MDI, is proud of our long heritage of accomplishment and customer satisfaction. We remain committed to providing our partners with cutting edge solutions, reducing risk, maintaining rigorous quality standards and control, and fostering long lasting relationships built on communication and trust.
NAICS Codes: 334413,334416,334418,335999


Company Website: http://www.mdipower.com

Event Contacts

Name Christopher Alfenito
Title Director of Sales & Marketing
Email calfenito@mdipower.com
Tel 631 345 3100
Cell 631 605 1336


Moog is an industry leader in space avionics, actuation and mechanisms, propulsion, power, structures, shock and vibration control, and engineering services. The company has been committed to the space industry for over 60 years. For future space missions, Moog is investing significant resources into affordable space components, new propulsion test facilities, metal additive manufacturing, rad-hardened avionics, and innovative in-space delivery systems.

Company Website: http://www.moog.com/space

Event Contacts

Name John Howat Vince Ferrante
Title Business Development Manager Business Development Manager
Email jhowat@moog.com vferrante@moog.com
Tel 650-960-4252 650-960-4240
Cell 650-960-4252 650-960-4240


NearSpace Launch, Inc. produces products utilizing the 24/7 GlobalStar constellation network. The result is near instantaneous communications virtually anywhere in LEO with currently a 100% success of 14 of 14 radios in orbit. With these innovations, NSL manufactures and produces custom small satellites, communication systems, and ground data systems for educational, commercial, and government applications. New products include ThinSats for rapid in-orbit testing and a small “Black Box” patch for beacon and diagnostics of a disabled satellite.

Company Website: http://nearspacelaunch.com

Event Contacts

Name Hank Voss Matthew Orvis
Title President, CEO, Chief Scientist Project Engineer
Email hankvoss@nearspacelaunch.com mattorvis@nearspacelaunch.com
Tel 765-998-8942 765-998-8942
Cell 765-618-3813 808-990-4488


NetNumber delivers software-based signaling-control solutions that enable operators to accelerate delivery of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. The NetNumber TITAN Platform benefits fixed line, 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile networks, Private LTE networks, IMS Core, Big Data and IoT/M2M solutions.

Company Website: http://www.netnumber.com

Event Contacts

Name Catherine Melquist Kim Gibbons
Title Director of Business Development, Private LTE CMO
Email cmelquist@netnumber.com kgibbons@netnumber.com
Cell +1 703-628-3378 +1 408-398-5223


Newtec, www.newtec.eu, is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, consumer and enterprise VSAT, government and defense, cellular backhaul and trunking and mobility, offshore and maritime markets. Our products and technologies can be applied in a wide range of single and multiservice applications from DTH broadcasting, video contribution and distribution and disaster recovery and backbones for cellular backhauling, to small and medium enterprises, SCADA and oil and gas networks, aircrafts and vessels.

Since 1985, our dedicated team of specialists has set industry standards with the most efficient, scalable and economical technology solutions. New challenges and customer needs offer opportunities to explore new boundaries.

Company Website: http://www.newtec.eu

Event Contacts

Name Els Baele
Title Marketing Director
Email eba@newtec.eu
Tel +32 (3) 780 65 00
Cell +32 (485) 59 16 09


NovaWurks provides access to Space for Everyone™ through our HISat™-based cellular spacecraft platform. NovaWurks™ cellular platform enables industry, higher education, and agencies to explore space using their own payloads, custom designed and wrapped in HISats creating an affordable, conformal spacecraft.

Company Website: http://www.novawurks.com

Event Contacts

Name Bill Crandall Talbot Jaeger
Title Chief Advanaced Projects Chief Technologist
Email bill.crandall@novawurks.com talbot.jaeger@novawurks.com
Tel 562-340-6270 562-340-6270


NSR is the leading global market research and consulting firm focused on the satellite and space sectors. NSR’s global team, unparalleled coverage and anticipation of trends with a higher degree of confidence and precision than the competition is the cornerstone of all NSR offerings. First to market coverage and a transparent, dependable approach sets NSR apart as the key provider of critical insight to the satellite and space industries. Contact us at  info@NSR.com to discuss how we can assist your business.

Company Website: http://www.nsr.com/


Optimal Satcom® is an industry-leading provider of enterprise capacity management systems for satellite operators, service providers, civilian and MILSATCOM programs. Our innovative product portfolio includes Enterprise Capacity Manager® (ECM), COMPLAN®, and Customer Link Budget Tool (CLBT®).

Optimal Satcom specializes in flexible systems that integrate all aspects of capacity management – engineering, technical operations, mapping and visualization, customer and lease management, ground asset management, reporting, web services, occasional use services, cost and revenue tracking – into a single, easy to use system that allows integration with third-party systems.

Our off-the-shelf commercial products and customized solutions manage a significant portion of the world’s commercial and military satellite capacity and enable companies to achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency.

Company Website: http://www.optimalsatcom.com

Event Contacts

Name Jaya B. Scott Ahsun H. Murad
Title Director of Business Development President and CEO
Email jscott@optimalsatcom.com amurad@optimalsatcom.com
Tel 703-657-8800 703-657-8800


We design, manufacture and support antennas and microwave subsystems that target applications in the 0.1 to 25 GHz range for SATCOM, GNSS, Avionics, Maritime, Medical and other markets.

Our range of antenna designs includes patch antennas, quadrifilar antennas, choke rings and antenna arrays. RF work includes power and low noise amplifiers, local oscillators and synthesizers, X and Ka-band transponders, and a range of RF up and down converters and repeaters for VHF through Ka-band.

Unlike traditional companies, we have no standard products and our strategy is to develop application specific products when no catalogue products are available in the marketplace.

We design, manufacture and support antennas and microwave subsystems that target applications in the 0.1 to 25 GHz range for SATCOM, GNSS, Avionics, Maritime, Medical and other markets.

We maintain a large library of designs and our agility in being able to quickly and cost effectively develop products has earned us a very favorable reputation in the industry. We are typically a “fit” with customers who cannot find standard product that meets their specifications or do not wish to use in-house resources to design them.

Our process is to take the design from the conceptual stage all the way through manufacturing while retaining overall responsibility throughout the product’s life cycle. Our business model is to design at cost while generating revenue through the delivery of recurring units.

Company Website: http://orbanmicrowave.com/

Event Contacts

Name Daniel Orban
Title President
Email show2018@orbanmicrowave.com
Tel 321-200-0080


Orbital Systems LLC, now a part of CPI Antenna Systems Division designs and manufactures 6 meter and smaller LEO and MEO ground satellite tracking antenna systems used for Telemetry, Tracking and Control, Earth Observation Satellite reception, RADAR, SARSAT search and rescue, and other specialty applications. Integrated RF subsystems available in L, S, X, Ku, and Ka band, including multi-band feeds, up-converters, downconverters, and HPA’s. Orbital Systems products have a reputation for high reliability, minimal maintenance, and the lowest total cost of ownership. Please visit exhibit stands #28 and #29 to learn more about our best in class satellite tracking antenna systems.

Company Website: http://www.orbitalsystems.com

Event Contacts

Name Carl Schoeneberger Eddie Payne
Title Vice President Director of Sales
Email carl.s@orbitalsystems.com eddie.p@orbitalsystems.com
Tel 9729153669 9729153669


Established in 1995, Profen Communications is a global communications company based in Istanbul, with branch offices in Ankara, Konya and Tewkesbury. Profen Communications is a leading solution provider in satellite communications and product distributors for market leading companies.

Highly experienced in satellite communications; from geographically dispersed VSAT networks to building gateway earth stations and data centers, Profen Communications can design and install complex next generation network infrastructure solutions that merge Satcom, microwave radio relay and fiber optic technologies.

Profen Communications has made a pioneering investment by securing a Teleport in Konya, which entered into service in 2016. All infrastructure investment, including construction, installation and integration of the Teleport was provided by Profen Communications. The Teleport guarantees data security within Turkey, providing high-quality data connectivity for a captive government, enterprise and retail customer base.

Using the expertise of its group companies, Profen Communications provides turn – key solutions for its customers in Broadcasting, Government, Enterprise, Internet and Telecommunications sectors. Profen Group´s end to end solutions includes consultancy, program management, design, integration, installation and commissioning, testing, after sales support and training.

Company Website: http://www.profen.com

Event Contacts

Name Defne İldem Cem Odaman
Title Marketing Coordinator Business Development Manager
Email defne.ildem@profen.com codaman@profen.com
Tel 00903124175837 0090 212 210 27 70


RBC Signals’ vision is to be the world’s leading provider of communication infrastructure and services to the Low Earth Orbit satellite market. Our global ground station network and proprietary cloud-based software platform offer the most flexible and affordable options for returning critical real-time data from orbit to users on Earth. With our experienced team providing deep industry knowledge and relationships, we are changing the way business is done in the rapidly expanding commercial satellite market.

Company Website: http://www.rbcsignals.com

Event Contacts

Name Christopher Richins Sean McClinton
Title CEO Business Operations Manager
Email crichins@rbcsignals.com sean@rbcsignals.com
Tel (650) 746-8744 (650) 746-8744
Cell 425-922-1886


The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) is the Russian satellite operator whose spacecraft provide a global coverage. RSCC belongs to the ten largest world satellite operators and has more than 50 years of experience. RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services via its own satellite fleet of 12 up-to-date satellites and terrestrial infrastructure: video distribution and contributions, DTH services, presidential and government applications, broadband access and Internet, IP trunking and cellular backhaul, mobility solutions for vessels and other. The company deploys regional TV satellite distribution networks as well as multi-functional corporate and government VSAT networks. Besides, RSCC provides satellite telemetry, tracking and control services to other operators.

The RSCC satellites are positioned along the geostationary orbit from 14 ° W up to 145 ° E, covering the entire territory of Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asian-Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia.

Company Website: http://www.rscc.ru/

Event Contacts

Name Andrey Kirillovich
Title Director of Integration Services and Turnkey Projects
Email akirillovich@rscc.ru
Tel +7 (495) 730-0450
Cell +7 (925) 772-8015


At SAT Plating — We Plate the Unplateable – including polymers that aren’t traditionally commercialized such as carbon fiber and high-performance PEEK and Ultem® materials. We take an engineering approach to creating precision plating solutions that are scalable and high-quality, all at scale with 90%+ good yield.

Through our robust proprietary suite of Adaptive Plating Technologies™, we enable our clients to expand their approach to product design, material selection and production methodologies. Our technologies and processes can be applied to a broad range of polymers and materials including plastics, films, fibers, membranes, fabrics, ceramics and glass.

We also successfully process and plate Hybrid and Exotic Materials, such as:
• Glass-filled PEEK, Ultem, Nylon, among many others
• Carbon Fiber filled PEEK, Ultem, Nylon, etc.
• Metallic-powder materials mixed with polymers and injection molded

SAT Plating is ISO 9001:2015 Certified; ITAR Compliant & Registered; Family-owned / Veteran-managed.

Company Website: https://www.satplating.com

Event Contacts

Name Will Wallace John Wallace
Title General Manager President
Email willw@satplating.com johnw@satplating.com
Tel 248-273-0037 248-273-0037
Cell 248-330-1868


SIA is a U.S.-based trade association providing representation of the leading satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, and ground equipment suppliers. For more than two decades, SIA has advocated on ehalf of the U.S. satellite industry on policy, regulatory, and legislative issues affecting the satellite business. For more information, visit www.sia.org.

Company Website: http://www.sia.org


SCISYS is a supplier of mission-enabling space software solutions with almost 40 years’ experience and participation in over 50 missions. Our current customers include companies such as OneWeb and Sky and Space Global, so we understand the unique needs and requirements of the satellite commercial sector. We have the expertise required to minimize your time to market and help any mission reach its goals efficiently. Through our deep understanding of space mission concepts and operations, we deliver products, solutions, and services that enable your business models and address your OPEX and CAPEX needs. We specialize in operations automation and spacecraft autonomy, ideal for constellation missions, as well as flight software, mission control systems, simulators, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data processing, operations, and custom applications. Our reliable, integrated solutions are based on trusted space-proven technologies and enable your hardware to come alive, maximizing the revenue generated by your assets.

Company Website: http://www.scisys.co.uk/space

Event Contacts

Name Hugo Azevedo Dr. Spencer Ziegler
Title Business Development Manager Director, Space UK
Email hugo.azevedo@scisys.co.uk spencer.ziegler@scisys.co.uk
Tel +44 117 916 5268
Cell +44 781 065 7775


SEAKR Engineering is the leading-edge provider of advanced electronics for space applications. We design and manufacture processors, command and data handling systems, advanced payloads, and manned space hardware. Founded in 1982 to revolutionize spacecraft memory systems, today SEAKR continues forward innovation with state-of-the-art space communications processors capable of channelization and beamforming.

Company Website: http://www.seakr.com

Event Contacts

Name Leigh Anderson
Title Business Development Capture Associate
Email leigh.anderson@seakr.com
Tel 720-961-8039


With over four decades of U.S. Government experience, SES GS’s sole purpose is to provide bandwidth, end-to-end satellite communications solutions and hosted payload opportunities to U.S. Government, Intelligence and Civilian agencies.

Company Website: http://www.ses-gs.com/asd

Event Contacts

Name Bryan Benedict Natalia Kossobokova
Title Senior Director Innovation and Satellite Programs Director of Marketing and Communications
Email bryan.benedict@ses-gs.com natalia.kossobokova@ses-gs.com
Tel 424 206 2725 703-610-1000
Cell 424 241 7349


Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is a trusted leader in solving the world’s toughest challenges through advanced engineering technologies in Space Systems, Commercial Solutions, and National Security and Defense. Honored as one of the most innovative U.S. companies in space, SNC’s Space Systems business area designs and manufactures advanced spacecraft and satellite solutions, space habitats and environmental systems, propulsion systems, precision space mechanisms and subsystems, and SNC’s celebrated Dream Chaser® spacecraft. With more than 25 years of space heritage working with the U.S. government, commercial customers, and the international market, SNC has participated in more than 450 successful space missions and delivered 4,000+ systems, subsystems and components around the world.

Company Website: http://www.sncorp.com/

Event Contacts

Name Ben Bowen
Title Sr. Manager, Business Development
Email Ben.Bowen@sncorp.com
Tel 303-590-4169


Founded in 1983, Space & Satellite Professionals International (www.sspi.org) is on a mission to remake the space and satellite industry one of the world’s best at attracting and engaging the talent that powers innovation. With more than 3,700 members in 40 nations, it is the largest space and satellite industry association in the world. It delivers on its mission through programs that promote space and satellite as the invisible but indispensable infrastructure of the modern world, and that help turn individual promise into careers filled with purpose through research, career education for young people, management education for working professionals and talent recognition that spans the industry. Its Better Satellite World campaign (www.bettersatelliteworld.com) has received accolades worldwide for bringing the human dimension forward in this highly technical industry.

Company Website: https://www.sspi.org


The Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) builds smaller satellites for bigger return at low cost. SFL is Canada’s most prolific satellite builder and exporter of satellites internationally. Small satellites built by SFL consistently push the performance envelope and disrupt the traditional cost paradigm. Satellites are built with advanced power systems, stringent attitude control and high data capacity that are striking relative to the budget. SFL arranges launches globally and maintains a mission control center accessing ground stations worldwide. SFL’s mandate is to lower the entry barrier for organizations around the world to meet their needs in space while requiring modest investment. Commercial business models are sensitive to cost and SFL solutions allow businesses to close financial models for new satellite services. The pioneering and barrier-breaking work of SFL is a key enabler to tomorrow’s cost aggressive satellite constellations.

Company Website: http://www.utias-sfl.net

Event Contacts

Name Dr. Robert E. Zee Mr. Freddy M. Pranajaya
Title Director, SFL Deputy Director, Innovation
Email rzee@utias-sfl.net freddyp@utias-sfl.net
Tel 416-667-7864 416-667-7890


For over 25 years, SpaceNews, and our award-winning team of veteran journalists has provided trusted, timely coverage of a continuously evolving space industry for a growing audience of top decision-makers and key influencers around the world. In print and online, our unrivaled mix of news, commentary and analysis makes SpaceNews the leading source of information for space professionals on every major continent.

For a FREE trial subscription go to: http://bit.ly/2mQcV7c

Company Website: http://spacenews.com/

Event Contacts
Name Paige McCullough
Title BD Director
Email pmccullough@spacenews.com
Tel 571-278-4090


SSC is a global provider of advanced space services.

We provide reliable access to satellites through our worldwide SSC Ground Station Network. We bring a complete portfolio of SATELLITE GROUND SEGMENT services for a wide variety of missions to commercial and government customers at every stage of the satellite’s lifecycle. As owner and operator of the world’s largest network of multi-mission ground stations, SSC offers unequalled Earth coverage in any orbit.

SSC operates the well-known Esrange Space Center; Europe’s largest LAUNCHING facility. From there SSC has launched more than sixty sounding ROCKETvehicles and provided a large variety of launching services to scientists and space organizations worldwide. We are now planning to launch small satellites. Moreover we design sounding rocket vehicles, stratospheric balloon systems and payloads.

Additionally, we offer complete space CONSULTANCY services to satellite operators and support all project phases, from designing and testing through to launch and operations.
Read more at www.sscspace.com. @SSCSpace

Company Website: http://SSCSPACE.COM

Event Contacts

Name Dan White Aurélie Domargård
Title Head of Market Region Americas, Satellite Management Services Marketing Director
Email dan.white@sscspace.com aurelie.domargard@sscspace.com
Tel +13107212294 +46703052327
Cell +13107212294 +46703052327


SSL, based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of advanced spacecraft systems, with broad expertise to support commercial and government satellite operators and innovative space missions. The company designs and manufactures spacecraft for services such as direct-to-home television, video content distribution, broadband internet, mobile communications, in-orbit servicing, space exploration, and Earth observation. As a Silicon Valley innovator for 60 years, SSL’s advanced product line includes state-of-the-art small satellites, and sophisticated robotics and autonomous solutions for remote operations. SSL is a Maxar Technologies company (NYSE: MAXR; TSX: MAXR).

Company Website: http://www.sslmda.com

Event Contacts

Name Negar Feher Omar Mahmoud
Title Director, Business Development Communications Manager
Email Negar.Feher@sslmda.com omar.mahmoud@sslmda.com
Tel 650-852-5062 650-852-5388


STS Global is a dynamic satellite communications + telecommunications company where great engineering minds and outstanding experience intersect. We design & integrate complex satellite network to support military, broadcast and other wireless telecommunication applications. Whether the objective is to broadcast a live event, create systems that provide services to remote locations, transmit critical data to a battlefield, support a new media broadcast center, or provide secure networks for large corporations, our complete range of solutions are dependably a step ahead. By adding sophisticated Satcom to today’s widely developed terrestrial technologies, we creates unique systems that can provide reliable services anywhere on earth. Customers will appreciate the Cost/Value approach, 24/7 dependability, training and support to achieve peak performance.

Company Website: http://www.stsglobal.com

Event Contacts

Name Frederic Dugourd David Hershberg
Email fred@stsglobal.com Dave@stsglobal.com
Tel 6319742434 6312465000
Cell 6319742434


For almost thirty years, Teledyne Paradise Datacom (Paradise) has supplied the satellite communications industry with a broad portfolio of modems and RF products. Today, it is a business unit of the Teledyne Defense Electronics group, and continues to deliver innovative satcom products worldwide. The primary focus of Paradise engineering is on creating significant differentiators and unique architectures for our customers.

Our line of RF products is led by our Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), which range from indoor/outdoor SSPAs to unique SSPA systems like PowerMAX with the highest degree of earth station redundancy. Paradise SSPAs range in power from 25 watts to 10 kW and from S- to Ka-band. The Paradise modem line is led by the ‘Q’ series of modems starting with Q-Flex, perhaps the most versatile satellite modem in the industry, Q-Lite, a size-reduced variant, and Q-MultiFlex, which adds up to sixteen demodulators to the Q-Flex platform.

Company Website: http://www.paradisedata.com

Event Contacts

Name Mike Penta Mike Towner
Title Vice President, Strategy & Business Development Sr Director, Sales & Marketing
Email michael.penta@teledyne.com michael.towner@teledyne.com
Tel 650-940-6751 770-614-4530


Terrasat Communications designs and manufactures innovative RF solutions for Satellite Communications systems. Our ground-breaking IBUC – the Intelligent Block Upconverter – brings advanced features and performance to C-band, X-band, Ku-band, DBS-band and Ka-band satellite earth terminals and VSAT’s. Our products offer exceptional value at reasonable cost, thereby allowing our customers to stay ahead of their competitors. Through conservative engineering, Terrasat products have gained a reputation for enduring over the long term in extreme operating conditions.

Company Website: http://www.terrasatinc.com

Event Contacts

Name Bob Hansen Laura Sordello
Title V.P. Global Sales & Marketing Marketing Coordinator
Email bhansen@terrasatinc.com lsordello@terrasatinc.com
Tel 14087825911 14087825911
Cell 16023216221


Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company. The top U.S. exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in 150 countries. Boeing products and services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, performance-based logistics and training.

Company Website: http://www.boeing.com

Event Contacts

Name Dawn Harms
Title VP, Global Sales & Marketing, Boeing Satellite Systems International, Inc
Email dawn.a.harms@boeing.com
Tel 310-662-5905


The Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing Operations (CONFERS) is an industry-led initiative with initial seed funding provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that aims to leverage best practices from government and industry to research, develop, and publish non-binding, consensus-derived technical and operations standards for on-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) and rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO). These standards would provide the foundation for a new commercial repertoire of robust space-based capabilities and a future in-space economy.

CONFERS is open to participation by private sector stakeholders in the international satellite servicing community. All companies and academic institutions developing, operating, insuring, and purchasing OOS and RPO capabilities are encouraged to join and contribute their experience and expertise.

Company Website: http://www.satelliteconfers.org

Event Contacts

Name Stacey Lindbergh Eva Singleton
Title CONFERS Program Manager CONFERS Program Assistant
Email stacey.lindbergh@ati.org eva.signleton@ati.org
Tel 843 760-3523 843 760-3543
Cell 843 437-1751 843 437-1751


TY-Space Technology (Beijing) Ltd. is professional focusing on advanced attitude optical sensors, especially Star Trackers for air & space industry. Our critical technology is from Tsinghua University with more than twenty-year history in space technology. Our Star Trackers have been successfully launched and operating flawlessly on board of Lunar Exploration Program and High Marks Special Project, and have been applied for over 50 satellites, such as Tsinghua-1, NS-1, NS-2, Jilin1, and ZhuHai1. Benefiting from the prosperous satellite market worldwide, TY-Space supplies professional celestial technologies and products with innovative, advanced and economic solutions for a wide range of customer challenges.

Company Website: http://www.ty-space.com

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Name Minsong Wei Min Yi
Title Sales Director General Manager
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USEI is a communications and aerospace company headquartered at its Brewster, Washington teleport along with its east coast, New Jersey Vernon Valley teleport. USEI provides government, commercial and private satellite and terrestrial teleport network services including TT&C; broadcast video; aviation; GEO, MEO & LEO tracking, and Internet services delivery.

Company Website: http://www.usei-teleport.com

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Name David Grooms Satoshi Ono
Title Business Development Manager Senior Account Representative
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Experts in RF over Fiber.

ViaLite designs and manufactures RF over fiber links and systems for use in Satcom, Broadcast, Defense, Cellular and GPS etc. Popular links include: L-Band HTS, Broadcast, VSAT, Satellite IF, Ultra-Wideband and UHF/VHF. The links are available as OEM modules or chassis cards for the ViaLiteHD 19” 1U or 3U rack chassis. Distances: 0-10km, 50km and Long Distance DWDM Link Systems to 600km. A Rain Fade Diversity system is also available for Ka-Band. RF frequencies to 6 GHz.

New products include the L-Band HTS – HWDR (Hyper-Wide Dynamic Range) link and Horizons SNMP for monitoring and control. Further support cards/modules include: CWDM/DWDM, 1:1 Redundancy, Splitters, Amplifiers, Digital Data and Ethernet.

A range of outdoor enclosures are available including the new ODE-A4 enclosures for VSAT, Quad LNB and GPS, and the 25U ODE-D+ with air-conditioning.

ViaLite offers an industry-leading 5-year product warranty, full system design and support.

Company Website: https://www.vialite.com

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Name Craig Somach Gary Wade
Title Director of Sales, ViaLite Inc Product Manager
Email craig.somach@vialite.com gary.wade@vialite.com
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Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected. For more than 30 years, Viasat has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate. Today, the Company is developing the ultimate global communications network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections to impact people’s lives anywhere they are—on the ground, in the air or at sea. To learn more about Viasat, visit: www.viasat.com, go to Viasat’s corporate blog, or follow the Company on social media at: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

Company Website: http://www.viasat.com


The industry leader, Walton Enterprises, Inc. (Walton De-Ice) delivers the most innovative and effective solutions to protect satellite networks from degradation and outages due to weather (snow, ice, rain, sand, hail and sun). For nearly four decades, Walton has designed and manufactured the highest performance and broadest line of De-Ice equipment available for satellite earth station and VSAT antennas.

Walton’s Plenum Hot Air De-Icing systems for antennas from 3.8 to 32m are the most powerful, controllable, and cost effective in the industry, with unique flexibility to use liquid propane, gas, or electric heating. Ice Quake and Snow Shield solutions protect antennas from 0.6 to 6.3 meters with both passive and heated options. The patented Ice Quake can enable up to 100-fold energy savings compared with conventional anti-ice pad solutions. In 2018, Walton is introducing the industry’s first Portable Radome for transportable, LEO/MEO, and VSAT terminals.

Company Website: http://www.de-ice.com

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Name RAY POWERS David Walton
Title Director of Sales Director of Snow Shield Operations
Email ray@de-ice.com david@de-ice.com
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Cell 1 951 236-9282


XipLink is the technology leader in wireless link optimization (WLO) using industry standard SCPS TCP acceleration, UDP enhancements, data/header compression, link bonding and Internet optimizations to deliver a better wireless experience over stressed communication links. Our award-winning XipOS software dramatically improves web experience and optimizes other Internet traffic in markets such as maritime, cell backhaul, ISP backhaul, military and aviation broadband. The XipLink solution is packaged into appliances or virtual images and sold through OEM, Integration and Service Provider partners around the world. XipLink is a privately owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec Canada and field personnel worldwide.

Company Website: http://www.xiplink.com

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Name Jack Waters Bruce Bednarski
Title CEO SVP, Business Development
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Zodiac Data Systems, a SAFRAN company, is a high technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of products and solutions for satellite ground stations including: receivers for satellite command and control, high data rate receivers for data collection from earth observation satellites, operational end-user receivers that are both TT&C and high data rate receivers, 2.4 to 11m S, X and Ka-band antennas as well as a QoS web-based service monitoring satellites in GEO orbit. We would like to tell you more about our high data rate receivers for remote sensing (Cortex HDR), Deep Space processors (Cortex DS), TT&C modems (Cortex CRT),SSPA, Up/Down Converters, IF recorders (RSR), Wideband Recorders (WBR), TT&C/HDR combo for end users (SATCORE) and other integrated solutions. Serving U.S. military and government organizations, NASA, NOAA and U.S. Government Contractors for over 20 years.

Company Website: http://www.zodiacaerospace.com

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Name Michele Switalski
Title Space & Systems Business Development Director
Email Michele.Switalski@zdsus.com
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